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Ágora de Heterodoxias
Agora de Heterodoxias is a scientific journal of Social Sciences, interdisciplinary and international, refereed by double-blind system.  Its digital format is published once every semester and it postulates a thoughtful insight by which the person questions what is known, thought and heard.  From other doxa a different road is proposed, or -at least-  one that is different to the known one.
In this informative issue of the Dean of Economic and Business Sciences of the Universidad Centroccidental “Lisandro Alvarado” two different languages are used:  English, Spanish or Portuguese, highlighting multi and transdisciplinarity of content.  Its year-term issues integrate numbers of the same volume.
Ágora de Heterodoxias is supported by a team that learn from one another through actions of competence, cooperation and co-inspiration.  Competition is the motivation and renovation key to investigate.  Cooperation is expressed by means of acceptance interactions, comradery, autonomy and respect.  Co-inspiration is manifest in networking, which promotes structural change among peers and among them and environment.
This network is strengthened and enriched by diversity, interdependence, self-renewal and self-transcendence, in order to work in interconnections that favor the understanding of social phenomena, all reciprocally interdependent
To consolidate an informative body to exchange research works of well recognized experts, and of graduate and postgraduate students; to publish scientific articles of various disciplines in Spanish, English or Portuguese, emphasizing the multi and interdisciplinarity and with an avant-garde technological support.
To promote among the Academia, the interdisciplinary reflection of methods and theories in Social Sciences, with the purpose of contributing to the University leadership as a socio-historical entity in the investigative task; emphasizing the necessary relationship of cooperation between the research processes and their context, with the intention of complementing, contrasting and offering solutions to the problems of society.
To be granted in Latin America as a prestigious scientific journal that favors exposure for an autonomous research, creative, rigorous and hypothetic, hence each scientific finding represents a probable answer to a socio-historic complexity.

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