The Internationalization of the University: Opportunity for Institutional Strengthening




The Internationalization of the University, Relations with institutions, Institutional Strengthening


At present, university education has several challenges since the end of 2019 when the COVID-19 pandemic was declared. The reality has changed. This situation has caused the Houses of Studies to reformulate themselves. They are not only protagonists in the transformation of the regions in which they are located, but also they must project themselves beyond regional and national borders, i.e., they must internationalize. Universities have bodies through which they manage international affairs, such as Rectorates, Vice Rectorates, Secretariats or Directorates. They also coordinate and supervise strategies for relations with institutions in other nations.


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Author Biography

Miguel Cordero-Chavier, Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado

Venezuelan. Ph.D., Doctorate Program in Education, PIDE Agreement (Universidad Centroccidental "Lisandro Alvarado", UCLA, Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica "Antonio José de Sucre", Unexpo and Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador, UPEL); Master in Education (UPEL). Director of the Direction of Cooperation and Interinstitutional Relations, DICORI, UCLA. Full Professor, Full Time, linked to the Department of Health Sciences Education, Dean of Health Sciences "Dr. Pablo Acosta Ortiz" (DCsS), UCLA. Barquisimeto, Lara State


Lemaitre, M. (2019). Diversidad, autonomía, calidad: Desafíos para una educación superior para el siglo XXI. Chile: Centro Interuniversitario de Desarrollo (CINDA).



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